Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cage




Q: So how durable are your cages?
A: They’re constructed of a high-impact recycled plastic that’s virtually indestructible under normal use.  They’re impervious to virtually any weather.  They won’t rot.  They won’t rust.  They aren’t affected by insects or insecticides or pesticides or almost anything else you introduce into your garden plot.


Q: You mean I can leave my cages out all winter?
A: You bet.  No problem.


Q: Why else should I buy YOUR cages?
A: They’re made from recycled materials.  Unlike metal cages of the past, there are no sharp edges.  There are no spindly metal legs to negotiate.  They go up in a matter of seconds.  And they collapse to store in the space of a baseball bat.  Best of all, our cages promote active growth with solid support.


Q: What else besides tomatoes can these cages support?
A: Basically, almost any plant or veggie that climbs.  Think cucumbers, peppers, peas, beans, peonies, hollyhocks, morning glories, clematis.


Q: I grow my tomato plants big and tall.  Can your cages meet the challenge?
A: The basic starter set includes two cages.  When set atop each other, you’ll have a tower that can easily sustain a plant that’s upwards of 4 feet high.  If you grow ’em higher, simply order more sections!


Q: What tools do I need to erect your cages?
A: Possibly a hammer, to drive home the 12-inch-long ground stakes, although in soft soil, all you’d need is your heel.  Everything else snaps together by hand!


Q: How much time does it take to erect a two-section tower?
A: Less than 30 seconds!


Q: All I have room for is a patio garden.  What are my options?
A: Because of their accordion-like adaptability, Dave’s cages will fit virtually any container, round or square.  Simply erect the cage inside the pot, add soil & seed and watch ‘er grow!


Q: What if I want to order several dozen — or several hundred cages?  Is there a bulk rate?
A: Drop us an e-mail.   Select “Sales” from the drop down menu on our contact form.