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Dear Gardening Friends,

You and I have something in common – a quest for juicy, home-grown tomatoes. But here’s a question: Why would you risk supporting those delicious red orbs with a stick and some twine? Or a flimsy steel teepee that’s hard to jam into the ground, even harder to withdraw, and over time disintegrates into a mangled mess of barbs and bodaciousness?!

I used to be like you. In fact, I can recall the last day I trusted my prize tomatoes to insanity. I was shredding my son Jake’s Dudley Do-Right bed sheets to use as tomato tie-ups when he burst through the screen door to witness what to him was tantamount to a human sacrifice.

Wahhhhhh he went. “Not Dudley Do-Right!”


“Well, son,” I managed to say, “I gotta hold my tomatoes up somehow.”

Well, the rest, as they say, is tomato history.

I’ve scoured every acre of God’s green planet and I’m convinced that Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cage is the best – and the last – cage you’ll ever buy!

Built from recycled materials, it won’t break, rot, rust, mildew, decay or put you in hot water with your kid!

You’ll never again mess with ties, twine, rope, old bicycle tubes, sticks and all the other stuff that makes your garden look like a dump.

Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cage sets up in mere seconds. It breaks down just as easily, and it packs away in the space of a baseball bat.



It’s great in traditional gardens, but also perfect for patios, rooftop apartments and all kinds of tight spaces.

Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cages will grow everything from tomatoes to beans to peppers to cukes to peonies. 

You want super great tomatoes?
You want to do away with all the mess and the fuss? You want peace in your family?

Order Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cage today!


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